Shower Image recommends that the dimensions are taken for your shower screen once the tray is fitted and the tiling has been completed.

It is ideal that the tray is fitted level and the walls are square however, we understand that this is not always possible so just let us know what the dimensions are and we will take care of the rest.

10mm glass is very heavy; therefore it is essential that there are appropriate grounds for our fixings wherever the shower screen meets a wall or ceiling. The minimum requirement is 12mm thick ply behind plasterboard.


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Shower Image shower screens are guaranteed for their lifetime.
All enclosures provided with a base profile are guaranteed watertight.
Our bath shower screens are not 100% guaranteed watertight being that they are frameless with no metalwork on the bath edge.
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When installing your new shower screen into an existing tiled recess, it is important to make sure the waterproof membrane underneath the shower floor is intact to prevent water leakage through the shower floor.

Where shower screens are fixed to timber framed walls your builder will need to use additional structural support in the wall adjacent to the panels to ensure that your screen has adequate strength and support. The minimum requirement is 12mm thick ply behind plasterboard.


Ensure the toilet and vanity unit do not restrict the door opening or make access to the shower recess cramped and uncomfortable.


It is recommended that an outward opening door be used so in an emergency access to the shower recess is not impeded by the occupant. A minimum size of 500mm is recommended.


To limit water spray problems and to make cleaning easier, ensure the shower rose is situated below the top of the shower screen.


Make sure you can reach the controls from outside the shower screen so you don’t have to get wet while adjusting the water temperature.